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Our Philosophies

  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment that promotes student learning.​

  • Increase student understanding of different peoples and cultures by nurturing cultural diversity.

  • Prepare children for future challenges by developing their spiritual compass in an Islamic environment.

  • Understand that every child is unique in their own physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, and emotional ways.

  • Commit to continuous improvement that enables children to become confident lifelong learners.

  • Share the responsibility of advancing our mission with staff, parents, and community role models.

  • Cultivate a uniform effort in discipline and fostering Islamic values into the lives of children, establishing a harmonious learning environment. 

Positive Attitude






Sample Schedule:

9:00 am- Quran time

10:00 am- Morning snack

10:45 am- Enrichment Activities

11:45 am- Lunchtime

12:30 pm- Enrichment Activity

1:45 pm- Outdoor play

2:30 pm- Enrichment activity

3:00 pm- Dismissal 

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